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A FinTech startup rising to incredible success.

Capitalixe is a consultancy helping companies often deemed as high-risk obtain bank accounts, foreign exchange, international payments and banking solutions leveraging the latest in financial technology.




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London, UK

Capitalixe Website Mobile Mockup

the challenge

Fixing usability and improving overall design look and feel.

Capitalixe tasked us to redesign their website. They mentioned that they were having low conversion on their website as well as navigation that is not user-friendly. They are concerned they are losing potential customers over this issue.

After a discussion, we agreed that deeper digital intelligence research would be best done to create a well-informed web design. The idea behind this research is to find out what exactly customers want from Capitalixe, so that we can develop a website design that meets those needs while being attractive at the same time.

the research

Navigation issues lead to a high bounce rate, inconsistencies and poor CTA distribution.

Our research results indicated that Capitalixe website has many navigation issues, which made it difficult for users to find what they’re looking for on their site. Their contents are also not optimized for SEO, the CTA (call to action) was poorly distributed, and it has a lot of inconsistencies in the brand theme.

We studied the visitors interactions on their website, along with taking a look at other websites related to payment solutions and analysing what makes them good or bad compared to Capitalixe’s website. By doing this, we were able to find out where Capitalixe went wrong with their current site and how we could improve it based on our findings from the research phase.

Our approach

Our goal is to create a user-first website that is informative, beautiful, approachable, and easy to navigate.

We chose a color palette based on their existing brand identity and created layouts that brought their mission statement to life. We made sure that there are consistencies throughout the site from the fonts to the images and icons so that it will be easy for users to navigate through different pages with minimum distractions.

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