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A company whose mission is to help clients grow their businesses through strategic communications.

Tillie Dee Communications is a full-service content writing company that specializes in creating compelling, shareable content for companies of all sizes. The company offers a wide range of services, including blog writing, press release writing, and pitch writing.


Content Agency


Brand sheet
Logo design
Web Design (in progress)


London, UK

The challenge

Revamping the look and feel of the brand while maintaining it’s traditional values.

They want a fresh and modern feel of the brand, without losing their main color which is purple and yellow. The new logo and brand identity would have to represent what Pru Logistic really is – a dynamic company that is constantly evolving while maintaining it’s traditional values.

Our approach

The sun is the inspiration for their branding, which symbolizes warmth, energy, happiness, and positivity.

We started off by doing some research and learning about the services provided by Tillie Dee Communications, as well as their target audience. Our next step was to create mood boards to get ideas flowing for this project. We chose two different color schemes, one being more warm and inviting, while the second being a little more fun and playful.

After narrowing down our ideas, we went on to create logos that incorporated all of the information we gathered in our research phase. We ended up choosing one of our designs because it was simple, but still represented what they wanted to represent.

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