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How To Stay On Top Of Marketing Trends - Studio Mimpi

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The marketing landscape is constantly changing and flowing with the new advancements in technology. In the last decade, marketers had to navigate the transformation from print to digital in its entirety. In just the last few years, marketers had to make another major shift as they adopted more virtual landscapes. You never know what the digital age will throw at you in this industry.

A marketer at any experience level needs to be able to keep up with these rapid changes and trends to be successful. To be at the top of your marketing game, you must stay ahead of the curve. How do marketers successfully stay on top of marketing trends in today’s world? There are many ways, but highlighted below are a few of the best. 

Subscribe to Marketing Blogs and Newsletters

Everyone knows that content is king. Whether that’s a blog, podcast, or newsletter, these forums are a great way to keep up with the latest and greatest marketing trends. Marketing blogs contain a lot of knowledge about the industry’s current trends and aim to keep readers updated. Emerging techniques, best practices, new insights, and relevant news can help you stay ahead of your competitors. 

Blogs can also specialize in different marketing types, like video or influencer marketing. Keep an eye out for marketing blogs that relate most to your business to get the most value out of them. Go a step further and subscribe to the email newsletter, which is often a condensed version of insights found during the month. 

Utilize Social Media

Digesting content on social media is also an easy way to stay on top of marketing trends. It’s no secret that digital marketing trends and tips would be found digitally, and scrolling through your newsfeed makes new trends easy to swallow with bite-sized pieces. Being active on platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube will give you plenty of opportunities to look through current hashtags. 

Not only should you be active on these platforms, but you should also make sure you are following the right people. Connect with industry leaders, former colleagues, and notable professionals within your industry to stay informed on current marketing trends and best practices.

Set Up Google Alerts

Google is one of the leading influencers in the marketing industry and spearheaded the transformation to the digital age when it was founded. There is perhaps no greater ally in your marketing efforts than Google, as its SEO rankings and PPC opportunities are endless. Better yet, it’s free! All you need to get started is a Google email.

Google Alerts is a service that sends you an alert (email) about new topics over specific keywords relevant to you. You can set up keywords and phrases that interest you, and when Google search engines find new information on them, you get alerted. Subscribing to Google Alerts not only keeps you up to speed on current marketing trends but also allows you to keep an eye out on your competitors. 

Look Into Your Competitors

Speaking of competitors, they are probably doing everything they can to stay on top of marketing best practices, and to beat you! Observing what they are doing is a great way to keep up with marketing trends and new opportunities. Look into your competitor’s social media posts, website, and blogs to get insights. 

Talk with Industry Professionals

Networking is not just great for sales. It’s also great for gaining industry insights and staying on top of current marketing trends. Use the knowledge of other professionals to get a leg up. Talk with others about the challenges you face, ask for advice, and understand how they would solve the problem. Seeing new perspectives can give you the creative encouragement you never knew you needed. 

The Value

The value of marketing trends is significant to stay on top of. Keeping up with the latest tips gives your business an edge, and makes you stand out among competitors. Following new trends is what makes your business stand apart and easier to invest in. Staying on top of current marketing trends also improves spending efficiency. You will be sure to get the best return on investment by spending it in areas you know will be profitable. 

Subscribing to blogs, reading newsletters, utilizing the right tools, and connecting with others will surely keep you up to date on current marketing trends and best practices. As long as you are keeping your thumb on the changes within the marketing field, you will be successful. Remaining open-minded and being adaptable are attributes highly valued in staying on top of current trends. 

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